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Winter Weather Awareness Week in Wisconsin

LA CROSSE, Wis. - We're getting to the time of year where the weather can turn nasty. Governor Scott Walker has declared this Winter Weather Awareness Week.

One way to be ready is to have an emergency car kit in your vehicle in case you become stranded. The kit should contain a blanket, first aid kit, and flashlight.

There should also be a manual power device to charge your phone, and some food in case you are stuck for a while.

Even if you think you are a safe driver, experts say you can still easily find yourself in trouble. "When you're out driving you might have the best car in the world and you may be the best winter driver, if the person behind you or in front of you is not so well prepared, you could be in a world of hurt too," said La Crosse Co. Emergency Management Coordinator Keith Butler.

The state of Wisconsin has set up a website that has an emergency car kit checklist. Just head to readywisconsin.wi.gov.

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