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Winter Rec-Fest Medallion found

LA CROSSE, Wis. - The Winter Rec-Fest Medallion has been found.

The La Crosse Parks and Recreation Department says Paul Hoch found the medallion at the main library in the pine shrub, near the north end of the building.

Hoch found the medallion Sunday morning with the help from his son and daughter. He's been following the clues from the beginning and a reference to books led him to the library. But once he was there, finding the medallion wasn't easy.

"I looked underneath that side of the bush and I didn't find it so I basically crawled around the library on my hands and knees, all the way around the library looking under all the bushes, and all the shrubs and all the benches, came back to that same bush that I had checked first and I looked under the other side of it and it was there, so, I took the long road to get to it," Hoch said.

He wins $500 because he was wearing his fest button when he turned the medallion in and a plaque.

Hoch isn't new to medallion hunts. He also found the Oktoberfest Medallion in 2011.


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