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'Where the Rudder Meets the Road' campaign kicks off

LA CROSSE, WI - The State Patrol is teaming up with the DNR to make sure people don't drive drunk on the road or the water.

Law enforcement is reminding people that drunk driving laws are the same on the water as they are on the road.

Last year, 37% of all traffic deaths in Wisconsin happened in alcohol-related crashes, and Wisconsin was third in the country in alcohol-related boating deaths.

Officers say many times drunk driving on the water ends up moving to the roads. "They'll come across people that will come right off their boats, hop in their cars, pull up and try to remove their boats and they can obviously see that they're intoxicated, and that's happened on a number of occasions," said Sgt. Bill Lubinski with the La Crosse Co. Sheriff's Department.


The sheriff's department handed out eight OWI's on the water last year. So far this year, they've handed out just one.

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