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Western Technical College teaching and practicing sustainability

LA CROSSE, WI (WKBT) - Two projects at Western Technical College are helping the school save money and teach its students about sustainability.

The college launched its Passive House Project where they build a house that's 80-90% energy efficient. That house will then be sold and the money will be used to start another.

They are also one of only two colleges in the country that own and operate a dam.

The Angelo dam was bought for one dollar and is being fitted for new hydro equipment to produce electricity. "These two projects are examples of how we can apply the concepts of sustainability in a teaching way and have the facilities pay for themselves and that's what we think is really unique about this," said Western President Lee Rasch.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, the college's energy director will go through offices making sure blinds are closed and computers are turned off. That practice has saved them more than a half a million dollars in just a couple of years.


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