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Western students move into residence hall

LA CROSSE, WI - It was move-in day for dozens of local college students.

The doors at Western Technical College's residence hall opened at 9:00 Tuesday morning.

120 of the 200 students living in the building this year were expected to move in Tuesday. It's the fourth year students have lived in the building.

The director of student life says it's one of the only technical colleges in the nation to have a residence hall, and it really adds to the campus experience. "We think that our program really helps our students transition to the college experience and we definitely think this is an essential part of their overall essential experience here at Western," said Western's Coordinator of Student Life Leah Durnin Hoover.


"Nervous, I guess to move in and kind of get away from my parents, because they've done everything for me in the past so now it's time to get responsible and buckle down," said first year student Rudy Hesch from Arcadia.

Move in continues Wednesday and classes begin on Thursday.

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