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Westby Ski Jump getting underway Friday

WESTBY, Wis. - This cold weather is great news for fans and athletes at the Westby Ski Jump this weekend.

The top of the ski hill is covered in ice.  So the colder it is, the faster the skiers go, and the farther they jump.

Thirty ski-jumpers from the United States, Canada, Finland, and Norway are in Westby, and ready to compete on one of the biggest hills in the U.S.

"Here's something that's right in our backyard, you can meet people from all over the world, meet the kids, they come up to you and say "thank you" in a foreign language, that's all we're looking for. If we build it they will come!" says Scott Yttri of the Snowflake Ski Club.

The 90th annual Snowflake Ski Jumping Tournament kicks off with a breakfast at Borgen's Cafe lasting until 10:00 Friday morning.

Opening ceremonies are at 7:00 Friday night, with jumping starting at 7:30.

In between rounds there will be firework displays.

Day one of the tournament wraps-up with live music from The Freezers at the Rod & Gun.

You can see the complete list of this weekend's events, as well as admission information, by heading to the Snowflake Ski Club's website.

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