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West Salem M.S. library has new creative additions

LA CROSSE, Wis. - An area middle school library has some new additions thanks to the work of students.

With the help of a school board grant, the West Salem Middle School students were able to build and craft unique art pieces to put into the library.

The additions include a handcrafted book awning, chairs with built in shelves, and recycled art pieces.

It was a student driven effort.

They wrote the grant and they put together all of the projects to give the library a more welcoming feel.


"We wanted it to be kind of different than other schools, we wanted a huge welcoming book, get you reading," said 8th grader Katie Krien.

"I'd say it was pretty challenging and we used a lot of our English skill we learned over the years," said 8th grader Jessie Solberg.

"Knowing that we got to make a change in our school district, cause that's not something that every gets to do, so it's really awesome," said 8th grader Courtney Koepp.

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