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Well-known Gundersen Lutheran volunteer logs 30k hours

LA CROSSE, Wis. -- Gundersen Lutheran's so-called 'greatest volunteer' is being honored for her many years of service.

Mary Patros has been volunteering at the hospital since 1959, racking up an unprecedented 30,000 hours of service. Much of her time was spent helping patients get from their homes to the hospital to see the doctors.   

However, before she could give so much of her time, she had to make a deal with her husband to start. She had to give up playing poker.


"He never wanted me to play cards, he says  you lose anyway and you used to put a $5 bill down or some money and I said I don't need it and he says you always lose, you better take it anyway," said Patros.

Mary's volunteer hours equal nearly three and a half years of her life and she says she's not done yet.

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