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Weather causes Westby Ski Jump to cancel training jumps


WESTBY, Wis. -- The weather hurt the start of Westby's ski-jump. Melting snow and fog forced organizers of the tournament to cancel Thursday's scheduled training jumps.

Volunteers put in hundreds of hours making snow and prepping the hill to get it ready for jumpers from the U.S. and around the world. Their hope, and the hope of those competing, is that the weather cooperates so the tournament can get started as scheduled Friday.

"Some of the skiers are ready to get on the hill because this is one of the biggest hills they get to jump in the United States so they are a little bit bummed. It's one of the biggest jumps, so it's a fascination for them to try and come conquer our hill," says Scott Yttri of the Snowflake Ski Club.

In case you're wondering, the jumpers don't have to walk up hundreds of stairs to get to the top. They get truck rides up there.

The 89th Annual Snowflake Ski Jump Tournament in Westby officially kicks off Friday night at 7, but jumpers should be on the hill around two in the afternoon.

You can find more information at snowflakeskiclub.com.

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