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'Wanted Wednesday' helps Sparta police make arrests

Police use social media to reach community

'Wanted Wednesday' helps Sparta police make arrests

SPARTA, Wis. (WKBT) - The Sparta Police Department is using "Wanted Wednesday," a series of posts on social media to help them make arrests.

Every Wednesday, the department puts up a wanted posted on Facebook, Twitter (@SpartaWIPD) and its website for a person on the run. 

Including the post from this Wednesday, the department has arrested four out of five suspects featured as part of the series. Within about 7 hours of posting this week's "Wanted Wednesday," tips came in an arrest was made.

Sparta Police Chief Mike Kass says it's had success because of the wide reach of the Internet.

"The aspect of social media or electronic media, it's much faster to spread the news where the wanted poster sat in the post office or in the police station and the only time it got looked at is when somebody happened to venture into one of those businesses," Chief Kass said.

Chief Kass said the first couple of people posted were "kind of well-known people within the community, easy to locate." The last two people posted were harder to locate and have "been out on the wanted list a little bit longer."

The posts go up at 8 a.m. Wednesday mornings.

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