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Walk for ALS supports families and patients

ONALASKA, WI - The message of a walk in Onalaska was hope and support for those with Lou Gehrig's disease.  

The walk for ALS is part of the Onalaska Legion Days celebration.

The event raises money for families with loved ones who have Lou Gehrig's.

It's a disease that causes nerve cells in your brain and spinal cord to gradually die, resulting in a loss of muscle control.

The event's organizer, Kristen Bradstreet, said she hosts the event in honor of her mother who passed away from the disease in 2011.

She said it's important to come together and support families and people with Lou Gehrig's because there is no cure.

"You can't give up that hope because when you give up hope, you give up the fight and that's why we're here, to give that hope and that something may change someday," said Bradstreet.

Bradstreet said they hope to raise about $2,000 to give to families battling Lou Gehrigs.

There is also a support group that will meet at Gundersen Hospital on Sept. 7 at 3 p.m.


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