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Voters in Arcadia head to the polls Tuesday to decide on school referendum

ARCADIA, WI (WKBT) - Arcadia School leaders are hoping the third time is a charm for getting some much needed space.

Residents will vote Tuesday on a 14-million dollar referendum to build a new middle school attached to the high school. It would house 5th through 8th grade students and share some spaces with the high school like the kitchen and gymnasium.

Voters have shot down similar, but more expensive proposals twice in the past two years.

The district's superintendent says they continue to see growth in enrollment and have run out of room.

He's cautiously optimistic voters will support the latest plan. "The #1 reason that people voted no, they said was the tax impact. They feel now with the tax impact and the tax levy being flat, in regards to building debt, they could support this project," said Superintendent Louie Ferguson.

Two million dollars of the referendum will be used for facility upgrades at the current elementary school.


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