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Volk Field training center could lose positions

Air Force restructuring plan would impact Wis. Air Guard

Volk Field training center could lose positions

CAMP DOUGLAS, Wis. (WKBT) - If the U.S. Air Force's budget plan for fiscal year 2015 is approved by Congress, the Volk Field Combat Readiness training Center in Camp Douglas would lose nine full-time positions and 14 drill-status Guard positions, the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs announced Tuesday.

The budget plan would eliminate a total of 39 Wisconsin Air National Guard positions beginning in October 2014. The Milwaukee-based 128th Air Refueling Wing would lose 16 drill-status Guard positions.

The total number of Wisconsin Air National Guardsmen would be reduced to 2,261, the Department of Military Affairs stated. The positions would be eliminated from a variety of career fields.

"Cuts are never easy, especially when they hit a particular unit hard as will be the case at Volk Field," Maj. Gen. Donald Dunbar, the adjutant general of Wisconsin, said in a statement. "But the Wisconsin Air National Guard will remain ready to accomplish its mission safely and effectively while continuing to serve the people of Wisconsin and the nation."

Dunbar said he met with the leadership of the Air National Guard and they're working "to mitigate the impact on Airmen and their families."

Dunbar hopes to implement the proposed reductions through attrition to lessen the impact on currently serving members of the Wisconsin Air National Guard.

"I appreciate the efforts of the Air Force leadership as they make difficult choices in the face of this challenging fiscal environment," Dunbar said. "We understand that the Air Force must spread these cuts across the force in order to maintain our critical capabilities and mission requirements."

The personnel cuts are a result of the President's Defense Budget for Fiscal Year 2015, which was announced March 5.

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