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Viterbo students hold homelessness vigil

LA CROSSE, Wis (WKBT) - Viterbo students pause to remember homeless people who've lost their lives this year.

The group is part of a homelessness class at the university. Students set-up cardboard boxes on campus and will spend the night outside.  In its 28th year the vigil reminds the public that not everyone has a home to go, especially during the winter months.

Viterbo professor Tom Thibodeau said the vigil is a way to honor those less fortunate.

"What's important for us to understand is that people without homes are still people, deserving of our respect and compassion and they too are deserving of human dignity," Thibodeau said.

About 45 percent of the homeless population are families, according to research Thibodeau cited.

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