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Visitors from La Crosse sister city say goodbye

The delegation from Cameroon spent a week in the La Crosse area

Cameroon Delegation Says Goodbye

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Visitors from one of La Crosse's sister cities say goodbye after traveling thousands of miles to learn more about our area.

The group from Kumbo, Cameroon were at Western Technical College Monday saying thank you and farewell as they prepared to head back home Tuesday.

The group included Kumbo's mayor and other officials from the city.

The group arrived more than a week ago. And while their visit may have been short, they took in all the sights and sounds La Crosse has to offer.

They visited local farms, hospitals and were even recognized at La Crosse's Riverfest. "We have really learned a lot. It has been, the hospitality of the people has been amazing. The people are so hospitable. Everybody behaves as if they're one man, very friendly, and very respectable," said Kumbo's Mayor Danatus Njong.

During their stay, they met a lot of people and did a lot of things.

However, when asked what the delegation will bring back with them, Mayor Njung's answer was simple. "Love, love, that the people here are full of love. They are very spiritual people. They are people who have deep love, they love mankind."

In December, a delegation from La Crosse will go to Cameroon to participate in some of their annual festivals.

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