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UW-La Crosse students spreading happiness

Happiness Project is nationwide movement

The Happiness Project

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - A viral video that began in Washington, D.C. has made its way to La Crosse.

The Happiness Project is a nationwide movement started by students who want to spread positivity.

UW-La Crosse's Coate Hall is taking part in this project by making signs to encourage people to have a better day.

"Honk if you love someone" and "smile, it's a good day" are some of the many messages that students have written, hoping to inspire people passing by.

Staff at UW-L couldn't be happier with the ideas that students have come up with. "I think really an opportunity as professional staff, is to remind the world that these 18-25 year olds are incredible, and they bring a lot of enthusiasm, and joy and want to make a positive influence in the community and this is jut one very simple way that they are doing that," said Coate Hall Residence Director Lisa Jicinsky.

Students at UW-L hope to see the Happiness Project move to surrounding towns and schools that are willing to spread positive feelings.

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