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UW-L students take inspiration from alcohol alternative idea

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Students are beginning to take inspiration from across the state to combat the drinking culture.

The idea, known as "Party .0" started at UW-Oshkosh. Two roommates started hosting alcohol free house parties and it took off. One of their latest parties had about 150 students.

Now, the idea of "Party .0" is starting to spread at UW-La Crosse after a student reporter put an article in the campus newspaper.

The reporter thinks an alcohol free alternative would do just as well if not better at UW-L. "I end up some times going out just because there's nothing else to do and students will be like, have a beer, so then you want to too, so just when there's an alternative and you're around other people who don't want to drink, then you don't feel pressured as much to drink, so it's just nice to be around people who feel the same as you do," said Raquet Staff Reporter Amy Kempf.

The campus wellness coordinator says students have been reaching out to him with interest, but no one has stepped up to take the reigns.


It's his hope that someone will step up and the party will cut down on the 100 alcohol interventions he makes every year. "They feel as though it's kind of the social norm to be able to go out and drink in excessive levels, but they always say if I had another thing to do or there's something else there, yeah, I'd definitely do that," said Jason Bertrand.

Bertrand says if students make this happen, it would be easy to get financial support from a number of university organizations.

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