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UW-L professor writes book on beginnings of university

LA CROSSE, WI - You can learn about the beginnings of UW-La Crosse in a new book.

Professor Emeritus Les Crocker unveiled his book Tuesday night called "We've Hung the Lantern."

The 200 page book provides a visual history of the university from 1901 through 1964, including the transition from a Normal School to a State Teacher's College to the UW System school we know it as today.

The author says it was tough to condense this much history into a single book. "The sheer amount of material that was available from the time period, there were so many photos of so many people doing so many different things, it was a problem in terms of what do I not include," said Dr. Crocker.

The book will soon be available at Pearl Street Books.

A second volume covering the next 50 years in UW-L's history is currently in the works.


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