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UW-L athletes finding success on and off the field

LA CROSSE, WI - Local student athletes are finding success on the field and in the classroom.

The UW-La Crosse Men's Track and Field team took top honors at the Division Three Indoor and Outdoor Track Championships this year, and recently earned the title of Scholar Team of the Year.

The team's cumulative GPA of 3.2 met the standards to win that honor.

For 11 of the past 12 years, UW-L student athletes have had a higher GPA than the average of the entire student body.

The director of athletics says that's because what they learn on the field compliments the work in the classroom. "We feel that our coaches are teachers, they're extensions of the classroom, we're able to teach them lessons about overcoming adversity, teamwork, leadership, time management, that they'll use long after their time in athletics are over," said Josh Whitman.

The students also have the highest GPA among schools in the WIAC conference.


Students we talked with say it's all about finding balance and prioritizing what needs to be done. They say all it takes is something they're used to everyday, practice. "Having really good time management and working and not procrastinating and actually doing your projects on time and studying ahead and always being on top of your game," said the captain of the UW-L Women's Tennis Team Olivia Hartwick.

Hartwick says the team arranges a number of study halls and social events to help everyone find balance.

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