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Two La Crosse council members propose Rental Ordinance change

Rental Ordinance Change

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Two La Crosse City Council members want to clear up confusion when it comes to rental properties.

They are proposing a change to rental property ordinances to make them easier to understand.

They say the move will help the city count the number of rental properties that already exist. It would also increase code enforcement and improve housing.

They say the change would be a step toward making rentals and the entire community better. "I think it's imperative as a City Council that we really care about the way people live in our city. I think that we should be wanting to make sure that residents have safe, affordable housing," said District 10 Council Member Peg Jerome.

The proposal will be presented at the committee level Tuesday, then the Committee of the Whole and City Council next week.

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