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Trout fishing event held for area children with down syndrome

ARCADIA, Wis. - It was a chance for children with down syndrome and their families to cast a line while also coming together to support each other.

The North American Squirrel Association hosted a free trout fishing day on Sunday in Arcadia for children with down syndrome.

Organizers stocked the pond with fish and provided equipment for the families to use. While the organization has hosted many events for those with disabilities, this is the first event specifically for people with down syndrome.

The founder of the North American Squirrel Association Tony Christnovich says it's all about helping people enjoy the great outdoors no matter what challenges they face.

"Long time ago a bunch of us guys interested in sports thought we should pay back and we knew there were a lot of people out there that didn't have the means or the ways or the ability to go out and enjoy the outdoors we started by simply mentoring people and now we've gone to fishing," Christovich said.

Six-year-old RubyAnne Pierce was at the event Sunday. She said she loves trying to catch fish, but wasn't convinced she wanted to eat them after organizers cooked them up.        


"Do you want to eat fish?" RubbyAnne's mom, Rachael Pierce said.

"Yeah," RubbyAnne said. Then she changed her mind, "No."

"No?" Rachael said. "What are you going to eat?" RubbyAnne points across the pond. "Yeah over there. What are you going to eat?"

"Hotdog," RubbyAnne said.

"Hotdog," Rachael repeated, laughing.

Organizers say about 70 people attended Sunday's event.

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