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Town of Shelby police cite drivers for moving Hwy 33 Road Closed signs

About 70 tickets issued so far

Town of Shelby police cite drivers for moving Hwy 33 Road Closed signs

TOWN OF SHELBY, Wis. (WKBT) - Town of Shelby police have issued about 70 tickets to drivers for moving Road Closed signs and driving through the Highway 33 construction zone.

Town of Shelby Police Officer Sharon Neitzke wants to remind drivers Highway 33 between Norsman and Knoblack Road is closed.

"It's a road that's tore up and there's like a 2-foot drop off on the side of - if you want to call it - a lane, so it is not supposed to be driven on," Officer Neitzke said.

Police are sitting at the bottom and top of Irish Hill. They're also watching surveillance cameras to see if people are moving the Road Closed signs.

Most of the people who move the Road Closed signs and drive through the restricted construction zone do not live in the area, Officer Neitzke told News 8.

"Their houses aren't here. Just two - off the top of my head -lived in Shelby on Highway 33. The rest were trying to get to St. Joe's or Cashton or just wanted to go up and down the hill," Officer Neitzke said.

Police have not been adding an extra fee for a violation in the construction zone, but Officer Neitzke said that may be changing soon.

If you live on top of the ridge, you have to take either Bliss Road or Highway 14 or go to Highway 16 and take Highway B to get around the construction zone.

Construction is expected to be complete in November.

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