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Town of Campbell man threatens to kill wife, judge

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Authorities say a 33-year-old Town of Campbell man threatened to kill his wife and harm a La Crosse County judge and others involved in his child custody case.

Raymond Smith, Jr. was charged with seven threats to a witness and one threat to a judge on Thursday.

According to the criminal complaint, Smith had been seeing a therapist for three months who noticed he was isolating himself verbally and emotionally during recent sessions. As part of a court-ordered injunction, Smith could not come in contact with his children.

The complaint states on January 8, Smith called his wife demanded to know where she was after telling her, "It's over. I'm going to kill you. I'm going to bash your head in with a baseball bat." She told police she was scared and did not know what her husband was capable of doing.

On January 9, Raymond Smith's wife called his therapist to tell him he had a psychotic episode. Smith's therapist told police he had a strong resentment with people in his child custody case. The therapist said Smith told him recently, "If I don't get my kids back, I think I will go on a rampage and take down as many people as I can."

The complaint states Smith created a mental list of people who he would harm with his homicidal tendencies, including people involved in his child custody case: Judge Ramona Gonzalez, the grandparents of Smith's children who have current placement, his children's therapist, and three social workers. Smith's therapist told police he had a strong tendency to harm Judge Gonzalez because he feels that she has discriminated against him in his case.

Authorities arrested Smith at a home on the 1800 block in the Town of Campbell on January 9 and held for Chapter 51 detention. Police say Smith was cooperative and did not want to answer questions, but did give consent for officers to search his residence. While conducting a search warrant on January 11, police found a sword and a cleaning kit for a handgun at Smith's residence. Smith remains in La Crosse County jail on a $25,000 cash bond.

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