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Tom Barrett campaigns in La Crosse

LA CROSSE, Wis. -- Voters will head to the polls in less than two weeks to decide who will face off in Wisconsin's gubernatorial recall election.

On Saturday, Democratic Candidate Tom Barrett was in La Crosse meeting with supporters at Bodega Brew Pub.

The Milwaukee Mayor lost to Walker in the 2010 election, but said this time will be different.

Barrett said Walker hasn't done enough to grow jobs in Wisconsin.

He also said if he wins, he will work to bring together a state that he believes is deeply divided.

"My focus is restoring trust to government and healing the division that we have here. People should make no mistake about this, Gov. Walker started the civil war back in February 2011 and for 16 months, the state has been in a state of political unrest. I will end the civil war in Wisconsin and I will focus on jobs and that's what the people want from the governor," said Barrett.

Barrett's main democratic challenger, Kathleen Falk, has already received endorsements from two of the state's largest labor unions AFL-CIO and AFS-CME.

Barrett has received support from retiring Sen. Herb Kohl and on Saturday, he picked up another endorsement from Congressman Ron Kind.


"I pledge my support my endorsement to Tom Barrett. I believe our state is in desperate need of reconciliation we have to start coming together again. It's vital for economic growth and good job creation which is exactly what we need and Tom Barrett has the personality has the demeanor and the experience to produce jobs right here in Wisconsin," said Rep. Kind.

The primary election is set for May 8.

On the Democratic ticket, Barrett and Falk are joined by State Sen. Kathleen Vinehout,  Secretary of State Doug La Follette and Gladys Huber, who is an at-large member of the Ozaukee County Republican Party running as a Democrat.

Walker will take on Arthur Kohl-Riggs on the Republican side.

The general election is June 5.

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