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Three Rivers Roleo brings logrolling to area

Competitors from as far away as Oregon competed in event

Three Rivers Roleo brings log rolling to area

LA CROSSE, Wis. - The sport of logrolling isn't something that necessarily comes to mind when you think of this area, but one local event is bringing some of the best to town for a tournament.

For the ninth year, the Three Rivers Roleo in Onalaska brought in some of the best professional rollers from across the country Saturday.

Men and women from as far away as Oregon were competing in a double elimination bracket. There were also amateur competitions.

Tournament organizers said it's a celebration of the area's great log rolling tradition.

"It is a great part of our heritage, and it's a great way to celebrate our community. We're lucky enough to be on Three Rivers. We have the Mississippi, the Black, and the La Crosse, hence the tournament name, Three Rivers Roleo. You get outside. You get exercise You have fun, and you get to play in the water," Katie Rick, director for the tournament, said.

As for the tournament itself,  Ellie Davenport won the woman's tournament.

Garrick Birdsong won the men's title.

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