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The Frosty Mug's secret ingredient to success

HOLMEN, Wis. - Surrounded by snow, ice and slush, The Frosty Mug may look pretty frosty right now, but its grand opening has been one of the first signs of spring.for the past 13 years in Holmen.

"It's a close-knit community, so that's why I think we see more mom-and-pop joints in Holmen, because people recognize that," said owner Dennis Boehm.

For now, the grill is cold and the chairs are stacked.

But starting Friday, the root beer will be flowing out and the orders will be flowing in.

"The business climate in Holmen has continued to rise every year and we've noticed that our business also has steadily increased along with that," said Boehm.

It's increased so much that Boehm and his family are opening a second "frosty" business half a mile away -- The Frosty Cafe.


Instead of a seasonal drive-in, it will be a year-round sit-down cafe with soups and sandwiches, and, of course, root beer.

"That was one of the things we always heard. People were disappointed they couldn't get the root beer year-round. Well, now they'll be able to," said Boehm.

As a part of the Holmen community, Boehm is able to talk to customers about what they want -- like year-round root beer -- and then do something about it.

He said that trust, the kind you can only get as a mom-and-pop shop, has been the secret ingredient to being a successful Holmen business.

"I think it's building up a reputation, getting the community to trust you and know you as an owner and an operator. And throughout the years, I think we've been able to accomplish that where people now trust us as owners and trust us to put out a good, quality product. And now they're going to be able to get it over there as well," said Boehm.

Boehm projects The Frosty Cafe will be open for business on South Holmen Drive by mid-April or May.

He said seven new year-round jobs will be created as a result of opening another business.

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