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Testimony begins in drug overdose, body dumping trial

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Testimony started Tuesday in the trial of a man accused of dumping a body in a north side La Crosse park.

Cain Moss is charged with delivering drugs to 40 year old Anthony Ducharme in August of 2011. After Ducharme overdosed, authorities say Moss and three others dumped his body in Red Cloud Park.

Jurors heard testimony Tuesday from one of Cain's alleged accomplices, Patrick Valiquette, who has already plead guilty to lesser charges.

Valiquette described seeing Moss standing in the kitchen holding an object wrapped in a carpet. "Valiquette: It kinda looked like a body.  Prosecutor: Did you ask about it?  Valiquette: Yes.  Prosecutor: And what did you ask? Valiquette: Is that a body? Prosecutor: And did you get an answer? Valiquette: Yes, Cain said yes."

Valiquette says Cain put the body in a van and brought it to Indian Hill in Red Cloud Park where Cain and his father Robert Moss disposed of it.

Testimony continues Wednesday.


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