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Teacher's unions scrambling to hold recertification vote before Sunday

LA CROSSE, WI (WKBT) - Teacher's unions in Wisconsin are in a rush after another change to Act 10.

Groups like the La Crosse Educators Association have just days to vote if they want to re-certify thanks to a ruling handed down Tuesday.

It does not mean the teachers vote whether or not they want to stay unionized, rather if they want the union to represent the group. The law requires the unions to recertify every year.

The La Crosse Educators Association President says under Act 10, unions can only collectively bargain for wages.

Locally, teachers feel the ruling is a politically charged decision. "I think that most of us felt that it was an unfair burden, it's never been the case at all in the history of labor in Wisconsin, and probably not the United States," said the President of the La Crosse Educators Association John Havlicek.

About 90%of La Crosse's teachers are in the union. They are expected to vote in favor of recertifying.


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