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Survey raises questions about teacher training programs

LA CROSSE, Wis. - A new survey has some questioning if student teachers are getting the training they need to prepare them for the classroom.     

The National Council on Teacher Quality surveyed more than one-thousand programs in the U.S.

The council's report shows a majority of first year educators do not have the basic skills needed to thrive in a classroom setting.

Many schools disagree with the council's findings including UW-La Crosse. "If you were really interested in quality, you'd be talking to the students themselves, you'd be looking at our graduation rates, you'd be looking at our employment rates, which are in the very high nineties. You'd be talking to people who employ our students and they our on the whole very pleased with our students' preparation," said UW-L Provost Heidi Macpherson.

The council is trying to find a solution to help prepare future teachers and has requested admission requirements, course syllabi, and textbooks from the schools that were surveyed.

So far, only 114 schools are cooperating with the council.

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