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Study: one-third of U.S. population says they'll work until they die

LA CROSSE, WI - At least one-third of the nation expects they will be working until the day they die.

A Wells Fargo study says 37% of Americans believe they will work until they cannot anymore, and 42% say it's impossible to pay the bills while saving for retirement.

Those numbers continue to rise. One big reason for the increase is the six-year drop in median household income.

A local financial planner tells his clients it's not impossible, people just need to start habits early. "If you save 10% of your money when you're younger, in your 20's, and did it for the rest of your life and put it in growth investments, you should be close to being on track," said Brent Welch from Welshire Capital.

Welch also says people getting a later start on retirement accounts should try to put away 15% or more.


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