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Study looking at the future of the La Crosse Center

Long-range study considers big changes

Study looking at the future of the La Crosse Center

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The first few steps towards making big changes to the La Crosse Center were discussed Monday.

In a board meeting, the company CSL discussed the process in conducting a long range study on the Center. CSL will conduct twenty to thirty interviews in La Crosse to find out what community members think the center needs.

Following the interviews, a building inspection will be made. Center staff are hoping the evaluation will answer a few questions on business. "What business we have now, what business perhaps we've lost because the venue has not been sufficient for the people who look at it, what business looking down the line, some of the business we have now, what potentially could we lose if we don't make some changes here," said La Crosse Center Board Chair Brent Smith.

The process is estimated to take anywhere between fourteen and sixteen weeks.

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