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Study: fraction of unused medication disposed of properly in Wisconsin

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Only a fraction of unused medication is being safely disposed of in Wisconsin.

A new study shows that of the nearly 4.5million pounds of medication that wasn't used in 2010, only 2% was safely discarded. The majority was thrown away, flushed down toilets or left in bathroom cabinets.

La Crosse Co. has an unwanted medication drop off sight. Last year, they collected 5,500 lbs. of unwanted meds.

The county holds drop off days where they set up stations around the city for people to take advantage of. "We do see good participation with our drop off collection days, those numbers have been relatively steady the last couple of years, however, we will see on a collection day where we have four different sites, we will see in the neighborhood of 700 people," said Randy Nedrelo.

If you would like more information on where to drop off unwanted meds, you can go to lacrossecounty.org/hhm or call 785-9999.


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