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Students Making a Difference: Remembering Robyn

GALESVILLE, Wis.-- Do you know someone who's been a big influence in your life? Maybe a teacher or a parent?

This month's Student Making a Difference is honoring someone who he says made him the musician he is today.

For the past two years, G-E-T senior Hunter Evenson has organized and hosted a community Christmas concert. The concert is in memory of Hunter's former Piano teacher Robyn Docken.

Robyn died two years ago after battling cancer. The Christmas concert is held to honor Robyn's memory, someone Hunter says loved music as much as he does. "If people don't really know her, they would through this Christmas concert that I've hosted because that's all I believe Robyn Docken was, she was musically gifted and even though she's gone, her spirit lives on," says Hunter.

The proceeds from the concert go to the Robyn Docken Memorial Scholarship fund and also to help with renovations of the Old Main building in Galesville. The site of the old Gale college is being remodeled into an arts and historical center.

Hunter says the concert is the least he could do to honor someone who's meant so much to him. "The satisfaction that I did something good because I felt that me and Robyn were really close and she's done a lot for me, she's always been my piano teacher and she's just one of those light-sprited people that is kind of inspirational and doing this concert is one of the tiny things I could do for her," says Hunter.

Hunter also sings and plays piano at many other community events. In fact, he'll emcee a church musical event next month helping to raise money to send kids on a mission trip to help others.

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