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Students Making a Difference: Hospital Help

LA CROSSE, Wis. -- If you've ever been sick or injured in the hospital, you know how a delivery of flowers can bring a smile to your face and brighten up your day.

La Crosse Central Senior Jessica Hyzer is helping spread the cheer.

Hyzer has been a volunteer at Gundersen Lutheran for the past four years, spending her time once a week delivering flowers and mail to patients. She also helps train new volunteers.
Jessica says the end result always makes her volunteer efforts worth it.

"I just like seeing the patients happy and just smiling when they get the flowers that I deliver to them," Hyzer says.


Gundersen Lutheran Volunteer Coordinator Karol Fox, who nominated Jessica to be a Student Making a Difference, says she does her volunteering with the open-minded attitude and sensitivity needed in a medical care facility.

"Jessica's very thoughtful and kind when she goes in the rooms and she's very considerate," Fox says. "She knocks on the door, announces who she is and asks patients who they are so we get the correct patient, and she always wishes them well,"

Jessica says she's opened up a lot since she started volunteering, and she's also a lot more understanding. She hopes to continue volunteering in the future.

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