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Students Making a Difference: Garden Tour Guide

LA CROSSE, Wis.-- He's only nine years old, but already he's making a big difference in our community.

During the summer months, North Woods International student Gavin Sowa volunteers 3 or 4 times a week at the Kane Street Community Garden. He's grown up around the garden so it was a natural fit for him.

Gavin is in his third year as the garden tour guide showing around groups of school kids, teachers and sometimes even politicians and pointing out the different vegetables. And that's really just the beginning of his workload.


"I wheel the wheelbarrows, I organize, I pick, I water, I do almost every job around here," said Sowa.

Gavin takes his job very seriously too. He brags that he knows every plant at the garden like the back of his hand. And he feels good about helping others. "Watching everybody be happy.  I like  watching homeless people that come here sometimes that don't have any food, I like to see them being happy."

When he's not volunteering at the garden, Gavin also does some food drives for the Hunger Task Force and volunteering his time there as well.

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