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Students Making a Difference: CRHS Volunteer

ONALASKA, Wis. - A La Crosse middle school student is making quite the impact at the Coulee Region Humane Society, and he's only been volunteering at the shelter for a few months.

Connor McCannon is an eighth grader at the La Crosse Design Institute at Longfellow Middle School. He's also this month's Student Making a Difference.

Connor volunteers at least once a week at the humane society, working with the dogs as they wait to be adopted. He plays and socializes with them, making sure they get their exercise.


Connor says he volunteers his time simply because he loves to do it. "I see the dogs just love to see you everyday and that they don't get that much attention. As long as I can keep them happy until they get adopted, that's just all that counts. You get to see different animals everyday and once you see an animal not there, you can't help to smile to see how good they're doing now," said Connor.

Connor is one of about 375 volunteers at the humane society, but the volunteer coordinator says he's been making an impact since almost the day he started. "Connor is just a fantastic volunteer overall, he's so kind, so polite, he's here with a smile on his face every time and I think his enthusiasm is what makes him just a spectacular volunteer," said Rebecca Rowe.

Connor says his favorite breed to work with at the humane society is pitbulls. He says if they weren't so misunderstood, more of them would be adopted.

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