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Students Making a Difference: Buddy Baseball

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Two La Crosse students are using their skills on the baseball diamond to make a difference in the lives of kids with special needs.

Krissi Alderman, junior at Central High School, and Kathryn Boldon, 8th grader at Lincoln Middle School, are long time volunteer's with the Y's buddy baseball program.

It gives kids with disabilities a chance to learn and play baseball with people their age.

Kathryn started doing it seven years ago.

Krissi's been helping all eight years it's been in the area.

It was another thing for her to do with her Brother Danny, who has special needs.

"I started to like it more and more, so we'd do different programs together, and Buddy Baseball was something we did every year together, so we just started to grow to like it, and now it's become my passion, I love doing it," said Krissi.


"I get to meet new friends, kids, and I liked working with kids with special needs...so I was excited," said Kathryn.

Krissi and Kathryn say the relationships with the players goes beyond the diamond. They say the the kids they're working with are more than just teammates, they're friends too.

Krissi said, "Inside school we get to talk all the time, and for them to be able to come out and communicate with me on a friendly basis and get to play together, and do something we love, I like it a lot."

"I'm friends with a lot of these kids and it just happens that way, you get connected with these kids and you want to keep doing it," said Kathryn.

Krissi and Kathryn both plan to keep playing ball with the program as long as they are able to.

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