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Students get hands dirty working on Ona Community Garden

ONALASKA, Wis. - A group of local high school students are putting on their gardening gloves for a good cause.

Onalaska high school students were out planting their first round of vegetables in the Ona Community Garden on Sunday.

It's a volunteer effort students take part in to grow food for the WAFER food pantry.

There are two planting dates in May.

During the summer, students work on the garden one-day a week.

Organizers said it's fun to see the reactions on the students face as the vegetables grow.

"It's been a fun experience to grow with these kids. They get really excited. They talk about their social activities and then someone pulls a carrot and there's a moment of silence because they've never seen that before, so it's really fun," said garden coordinator Jodie Visker.

Despite the tough growing conditions last year because of the drought, Visker said they donated about 300 lbs of produce to the food pantry.


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