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Students duct tape local school principal to wall

Event supports Freedom Honor Flight special project

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Logan Middle School students duct taped their principal to the wall and threw cream pies at their teachers to raise money for a special community project that benefits veterans.

Throughout the week, students bought strips of duct tape for $1 and bought a whipped cream pie to throw in their teacher's face. The money raised will help support a special project for Freedom Honor Flight.

"We were contacted by a group of women who make special pillow cases for the veterans when they return home from the day-long trip to Washington D.C.," said Logan Middle School teacher Lorrae Swartz. "They were looking for a student-group to help raise funds to purchase the needed fabric. When I presented the idea to the students they began coming up with all kinds of fun ways to raise money."


"We just want to show the community that our kids care," said Logan Middle School Principal Jay Pica said as he remained stuck to the wall. "It's a rally for all our kids. It's a great effort and we just wanted our kids to have a chance to give back to the community and have fun doing it."

On Friday, a $1,242 check was presented to the Freedom Honor Flight sewing group at half time of the student versus staff basketball game. The staff won 39-37 on a last second shot off a rebound by Ben Wopat.

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