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State Superintendent blasts Gov. Walker's plan to expand voucher program

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Wisconsin's State Superintendent is calling the governor's education proposals catastrophic.

Tony Evers blasted Governor Scott Walker's proposal at the La Crosse County Democratic party's meeting Monday evening.

Governor Walker is suggesting an expansion to the school voucher program. It allows a student to attend a private school and the state will write a $6,400 check to that school.

Right now, that's happening in Milwaukee and Racine.


Evers says that expansion, along with a one percent increase in public aid to schools is disappointing. "There's going to be more money per pupil going to kids in the private system than in the 870,000 kids that are in the public system, and that just doesn't connect with me," said Evers.

The governor's full budget proposal will be unveiled Wednesday night.

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