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Snow delaying opening of Lumberyard at Copeland Park

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Baseball fans are gearing up for opening day in less than a week, but it may be tougher for our high school and college teams to take the field.

The Lumberyard at Copeland Park has not been able to get the attention it needs. That's because of the snow cover and the frozen ground that lies underneath, which means crews haven't been able to get the fields ready.

If you remember last year at this time, it was a completely different story.


La Crosse Loggers General Manager Chris Goodell says they were hosting a game in March for the first time in 10 years. "The field was already starting to turn green, I think at this time by then we were starting to go into April a year ago, completely different picture, we were way ahead of schedule; this year we'll be scrambling just to get going," said Goodell.

The games scheduled for early April could be in jeopardy of being postponed, Goodell said. Luckily for the Loggers, the team's home opener isn't until June 2.

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