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Sling Load training at Fort McCoy

Fort McCoy is continuing to serve as an important training base for service-members from all over the country.

On Thursday, 21 Reservists and National Guardsmen graduate from the Fort's Ammunition Specialist Course.

After two-weeks spent mostly inside, they were outside on Wednesday to wrap-up the hands-on part of the course, doing what's called a sling load operation.  The soldiers are from all over the United States.

"They've been out in the cold for the last two weeks.  I actually feel for them," says Sergeant First Class Douglas Dobitz of the 13th Battalion, 100th Regiment. "This is the nicest day we've had.  So they've had a good experience of how Wisconsin weather is."

They carefully wrapped a block of ammunition with ropes and chains, preparing it to be transported by helicopter.

"[A helicopter] can move a lot quicker, and you don't have problems like with ground transportation.  Insurgents or roadside bombs, anything like that," says SFC  Dobitz.

The military students are from all different training backgrounds.  The training they're doing at Fort McCoy will allow them to go to an ammunition handling company.

By 2015, a total of 150,000 troops are expected to get training at Fort McCoy every year.

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