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Single-room schoolhouse hosts unique reunion

Reunion held as part of 106th anniversary of schoolhouse

One-room schoolhouse holds reunion

STODDARD, Wis. (WKBT) - Many traveled from far and wide to attend a special school reunion Saturday.

It was part of the 106th anniversary of the one-room schoolhouse in Oak Ridge. The schoolhouse was built in 1908 and it never had running water or plumbing, but eventually it did get electric lights.

Even though the school is now closed, former classmates still meet for reunions every other year. Saturday marked the 11th reunion.

Students from all graduating classes could attend, and this year the reunion had a special guest -- a desk nicknamed "The Big Kid Desk." The desk was an original desk in the building, and made its way back to the school after a lengthy absence.

One organizer says she attends every reunion because it means so much to her and her family.

"My dad and all his siblings went here, a cousin went here, all my in-laws went here and their parents went here and then my brother and I," said Sonja Bryhn-Moe.

Bryhn-Moe says the building stopped being a school in the early 1950s, and it's now being used as a community center.

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