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Simulator allows students to experience dangers of texting and driving

TOMAH, WI (WKBT) - The dangers of texting while driving have been highly publicized, but Wednesday, some area high school students got to experience them first-hand.

The Wisconsin State Patrol brought a distracted driving simulator to Tomah High School. The students also watched a documentary with the message "it can wait."

A State Patrol sergeant says texting while driving takes away focus, dexterity, and is incredibly dangerous. "Believe it or not, when somebody is texting, it appears as impaired driving when you're investigating it, as far as for traffic enforcement, when you're behind that vehicle, you can see them swerve over the center line," said Sgt. Jeramy Foster withe Wisconsin State Patrol.

Events like the one in Tomah are focused towards students and new drivers with the hope of getting people into good habits early.

For one student who got behind the wheel of the simulator, the lesson was quickly learned. "I think that everyone thinks it wouldn't happen to me, I'm good at that, I can do it, I've had practice, when really it's the environment around you that gets to you, rather than your own skill at it," said Tomah Senior Chase Lambert.

It's been almost three years since Wisconsin passed a law making it illegal to text and drive.


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