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Salvation Army's 'Feed the Kids' program back for summer

LA CROSSE, Wis. - The end of the school year means the end of the free and reduced lunch program. That leaves some parent's wondering how they are going to feed their kids this summer.

The Salvation Army is once again stepping in to help. For the ninth year, the organization is holding its "Feed the Kids" program.

Volunteers are putting together bag lunches that will be dropped off to kids in need.

They delivered 70 lunches Monday to kids in Onalaska, Tuesday they add La Crosse, bringing their total to 170 lunches a day. "It's a really neat program, it's so touching when you come out to deliver these lunches and the kids will just come running for them, they are thrilled to get them, the parents are so grateful they'll say, 'oh I don't know where I was going to get a meal if you hadn't come with this," said Salvation Army Spokesperson Julie Nelson.


Last year, The Salvation Army delivered 21,000 lunches. If your kids need a lunch, there are several drop off points in La Crosse and Onalaska.

For locations near you, you can always check their website at bells2ring.org.

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