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Ron Kind responds to 'fiscal cliff' deal

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Wisconsin Congressman Ron Kind voted in favor of the deal but he called it an imperfect solution and says Congress needs to stop waiting till the last minute to strike a deal.

He understands people's frustration with congress right now and says the solution may start with voters.


"There's no question that the Congress does not live up to the democracy that they American people deserve but I also remind people that Congress is very reflective of the American people and the fact is that we have a very deeply divided, polarized country right now and that is reflective of the representatives that are sent to Washington," Kind said. "And for too long too many of my colleagues have come with this my way or no way at all attitude."

The bill Congress passed does not include an extension of the payroll tax cut. That means typical families will see about $1,000 taken out of their paychecks this year that they were able to count in savings last year.

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