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Riverfest Medallion has been found

LA CROSSE, Wis. - The Riverfest Medallion was found by a West Salem physical education teacher on Saturday morning.

Tyler Nelson found the medallion after receiving clue number 8.

Riverfest leaders say Nelson attended the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and found it hidden in the bushes at the Goose Town marker on La Crosse Street.

Nelson won a Riverfest prize package, which includes two tickets to the El Caminos/Cheap Trick concert on July 3, 2013; two Riverfest lapel pins; two additional Riverfest buttons (two included with concert tickets); $25 in Riverfest food fair vouchers; two family area activity wristbands for July 6, 7, 2013.

Here's a list of the 2013 Riverfest Medallion Hunt Clues:
Clue #1 – June 15:
In 14 hundred 92, Columbus sailed the ocean blue,
I salute the flag that I see wave, over the land of the free and the home of the brave.
This is how the 2013 Riverfest Medallion Hunt begins,
You must be 21 years or older to win!
Clue #2 – June 16:
We celebrate the USA with fireworks and bands that play.
We thank the sponsors and volunteers,
Who have joined us for these 31 years.
This game anew, the hunt is on, search until the day is done.
Start at Riverfest, enjoy the show, but to win it's East that you must go.
Clue #3 – June 17:
Oh – that last clue was a Cheap Trick, no doubt,
See if you know what this one is about.
Riverfest is filled with fun and cheer,
Great food, music, friends and perhaps a cold beer.
In the Old Style of honor a monument rises,
But if you've gone south you will not win the prizes.
Clue #4 – June 18:
Community volunteers is what it takes,
A strong Board and Crew is what Volunteers Make.
A button of support is very dear,
Five dollars helps to bring Riverfest back for 31 years.
You may see these workers Resting under a mighty oak tree,
Thank them, Sincerely, for their labor is free.
Clue #5 – June 19:
A Sculpture is a work of art, Riverfest Medallion Hunt is full of surprises,
Major General, Congressman, Governor Too
If your where I think you are we have Cheap Trick'd you!
Riverfest is North and then head west,
But remember, that La Crosse is the best!
Clue #6 – June 20:
The Tribune, our Sponsor, is on the way
Will the Medallion be found today?
If east you went by now you're at
The child of a La Crosse Democrat
Forge ahead the memory is here
Although it marks the Love that was held so dear.
Clue #7 – June 21:
The Future of our Country Tis of Thee
Sights of Bluffs and Natures Beauty
To build and Grow, take the Trane
Carry an umbrella if it looks like rain.
Call a Plumber if you get Stuck
The Riverfest Medallion hunt will take skill and luck.
Clue #8 – June 22: (The Riverfest Medallion was found after this clue was released.)
Searching the streets from East to West
Remember when we said – In God's country LA CROSSE is best,
To honor peace and tranquility
And the citizens of our community
A city rich in history
How close are you to solving this Riverfest Mystery?
Clue #9 – June 23:
If you go too far, look down and see
A peaceful and silent community.
Veterans resting upon the hill,
They gave their all with honorable courage well.
An honoring parade that passes near,
The cost of freedom remembered here.
Clue #10 – June 24
N43 Degrees, 48 miles – Get out your map and Trod
The Search continues for the Riverfest Medallion, but stay off the sod.
Look High and Low but stay outside the national historic gate
It's not your time, you'll have to wait,
Perhaps you've asked the founding fathers to join
Your search for our Riverfest coin.
But – turn around, you're a little bit lost.
Be careful for the Street you must cross.

Here are some Hints for the Hunt. The Riverfest Medallion is:
-Located within the La Crosse city limits
-Not buried in the ground or under rocks, etc.
-On public property
-Accessible 24 hours a day, BUT posted hours should be observed and area residents respected
-Fits in the palm of a hand

For more information on Riverfest, visit Riverfest's website, www.riverfestlacrosse.com.

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