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Restore La Crosse Committee responds to recall outcome

LA CROSSE, Wis. - A recall effort to unseat Audrey Kader came up short on Tuesday, January 29, with La Crosse's City Council President defeating her two opponents by a wide margin.

The Restore La Crosse Committee, which started the recall effort against Kader, released the following statement after the race was called Tuesday night:

"While the Restore La Crosse Committee is disappointed that Audrey Kader will continue in city government, we are proud of our effort to recall her. As stated from the beginning our main reason for the recall was Audrey Kader voting to eliminate the public hearing and committee of the whole which is the citizen's only opportunity to address their city council as a whole.

"We were successful in saving the committee of the whole, and we were successful in bringing to public discussion many critical issues where the city council led by Audrey Kader is failing the citizens. The recall efforts have made clear that while Kader is securely entrenched in her district with certain voting blocks, she is wildly unpopular citywide."

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