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Residents warned about upcoming voter purge

LA CROSSE, Wis. - If you haven't voted in the last four years, you are at risk of being purged from voter registration lists.

This last week, Wisconsin state election officials sent out postcards to nearly 300,000 residents who are set to be removed from the lists. The purge is required every two years following a general election.

The law is meant to help maintain accurate and quality voter data, including current addresses.


If you receive the postcard, there areĀ a few simple steps you can do to remain on the registration lists.

"What the postcard says is that if they wish to remain on the voter registration list, they need to sign the card and return it within 30 days," said Teri Lehrke, La Crosse's city clerk.

Voters who have changed their name or address should not return the card, but instead re-register next time they vote or ahead of time with their local clerk.

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