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Rep. Kind hosts listening session in La Crosse

LA CROSSE, WI - Rep. Ron Kind is traveling our area hosting listening sessions.    

The goal is to tell people about what's being done in Washington and hear people's concerns.

There were about 30 people at the listening session at the La Crosse Public Library on Wednesday.

Kind started off by touching on a few topics he's heard a lot of concern about.

He said many people are wanting to know more about how the Affordable Care Act will impact them.


He also discussed immigration reform, budget issues, and how the U.S. should react to the turmoil in Egypt.

But, just like he heard on the campaign trail about a year ago, the main topic he continues to hear about is the job situation in the country.

"It all comes back to the economy. That's the No. 1 issue I keep hearing is economic growth, good job creation and good-paying jobs that we need here at home and again there are steps I think can be taken if we can come together and have a sensible economic plan for our country and for our state to jump-start our economy with the jobs that people need," said Kind.

Bob Spacek lives on the south side of La Crosse near the railroad and said he's there to tell Kind about the concerns he has about railroad maintenance.

He said he's worried not enough is being done to take care of the tracks.

Spacek said he expected more people to be at the session because he thinks it's an important way to make your voice heard.

"I think this is the only way he's going to find out about what's happening in this town. I think it's important people show up to these things," said Spacek.

Kind also hosted a listening session in Crawford County on Wednesday.

State Re. Jill Billings was also at the listening session to answer any state related questions or concerns that came up.

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